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CM’s  Communications specializes in high-quality nurse call systems for healthcare facilities around the world. Our systems allow for easy communication throughout your facility, so patients don’t have to wait for assistance.
We have experienced technicians available to install a variety of proven nurse call systems. With over 10 years of experience in nurse call system design and implementation, we can develop a custom system for any facility.
CM’S wired nurse call system with tone alerts uses convenient bedside stations. Our care and emergency alerts are widely used for senior care, outpatient clinics, or hospitals.

Components:  bed head unit , different medical style gas outlet, medical oxygen regulator

Bed Head Unit with Nurse Call Extension

Nurse Call System
Bed head unit
German standard gas outlet
France standard gas outlet
British standard gas outlet
oxygen regulator with flow meter
oxygen regulator with humidifier
oxygen pressure gauge 

Nurse Call System Benefits

Reliable and easy to use
Push button or pull string operation
Retrofits to facility wiring infrastructure

Nurse Call System Features

Both neck cord and a belt clip included
Small, light, water-resistant mobile transmitters
Single-button, one-second press and hold activation functionality
Alerts via pagers, cell phone text, emails, call system or display

Nurse Call System Layout in Ward

Nurse call system in ward layout as right picture showing it connects with the medical gas outlet and oxygen regulator both for patients caring. relaying on crucial information, such as the room number, resident name, and the time along with the patient’s location and a customized map of the community to staff.  Nurses are kept up to speed on relevant events throughout their shifts, through dome lights. And because all events are recorded with built-in reports, administrators can track response times, resident behavior, and staffing patterns and make necessary recommendations and improvements.  Taken together, modern nurse call systems empower nurses to improve overall operational efficiency, reduce costly inefficiencies, and most importantly, enhance each patient’s experience.

System Design & Configuration Customized According to Your Specific Location

Call stations to request assistance: 

Typically, a wall mounted pull cord station (string activated) is located near the toilet, bath or shower. If the person is bedridden, a wall mounted bed station with a 6- or 10-foot call cord allows the request for assistance to be activated from the bed.

Calls are communicated to the staff: 

Typically, a corridor light fixture in the hallway above the door of the room and on a central monitoring panel at the nurses’ station notify staff of a request for assistance. In many applications a pocket pager carried by the staff allows the contacting of the mobile staff members.
*A 24VDC Power Supply centrally powers the system and a Control Module generates two different signals to distinguish between emergency calls and regular calls for assistance. Optional Call Devices include Staff, Duty, Code Blue and Check-In stations.


Nurse Call System Manufacturers and Installers

Nurse Call Station Installation Services

CM Communications is the leader in renovation projects because we custom manufacture mounting plates for special applications. If you need to cover a non-standard mounting location, multiple options are available.
Older facilities looking to upgrade to a newer system find the basic Visual Call System (Series 4000) ideal because of its simplicity. Often this system can be installed using existing wiring, eliminating the need for costly rewiring and electrical work.
Our employees and affiliated installation contractors provide nurse call system installation services to ensure all components are wired properly and function correctly.


Normally the nurse call system should have been maintenanced by period.


CM nurse call system is much more than just patient communication. The innovative system platform creates an open system structure, which integrates smoothly into current and future technologies. In this way, not only a much more powerful infrastructure can be created in hospitals, but also a new level of comfort, safety and efficiency. New ways are taken and open up completely new possibilities for the highest quality of care.

The core task of the system is thereby, as before, the safety of the patient, who is always at the focus of the considerations. The standardized system transmits personalized alarms, documents the calls verifiably and escalates the alarms on several levels. In this way, the patients, nursing staff and operator have the best protection. hospital nurse call bell system can used into retirement communities, hosiptals, home caring and other patients caring.



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