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  • Oxygen regulator usage training can avoid accidents


    During times of great medical or traumatic emergencies, gas is one in every of the foremost very important parts to patient care. However, these tanks should be keep properly. gas tanks square measure crammed with compressed gas below high. If associate gas tank’s regulator stem is sheared off, asso Read More

  • How to Avoid Medical Oxygen Regulator Leaking ?


    Oxygen Regulator is used in hospital usually , but there is problem happened often like oxygen regulator leaking , Regular medical oxygen regulator suppliers provide after-service about the oxygen regulator leaking problem. But some of them are not. Read More

  • How to install the medical gas outlet project to hospital?


    MEDICAL GAS OUTLETS All wall outlets shall be positioned 1,5m above floor level in positions shown on the drawings. Where extensions are being carried out to existing hospital layouts, it is essential that themedical gas outlets are identical to those already in use. Fittings and outlets from thesam Read More

  • Integrated nurse call systems for greater security and efficiency


    Clino Systevo is far quite simply patient communication. The innovative system platform creates associate open system structure, that integrates swimmingly into current and future technologies. during this approach, not solely a far a lot of powerful infrastructure is created in hospitals, however c Read More

  • Introduction of medical oxygen regulator


    ‍Oxygen Conserving Devices & RegulatorsOxygen Flow control regulator and conserving devices are pressure reducing devices designed to regulate or lower oxygen pressure from a cylinder to levels that can be safely used by the patient. A Regulator simply regulates the (free) flow from an oxygen cylind Read More

  • Buying Oxygen Flow Regulator Meter Guiding and Advice


    Oxygen Flowmeter RegulatorFeatures:Chrome-plated brass body with all brass high-pressure chamberMaximum rated inlet pressure 3000 psiDurable neoprene diaphragmInternal reseating relief valve protects against over-pressurizationSintered filter for additional safety and to extend regulator life2 inch Read More

  • How to choose the right bed according to bed head unit?


    It is easier to choose a real bed for sleeping, but it is difficult to choose a bed head unit for hospital patient caring, since it matters life, it is more professional than choosing a real bed. Read More

  • Baby oxygen gas outlet mix-up results in fatal error


    An engineer at a Sydney hospital has been stood down over a fatal oxygen mix-up in the birthing unit and NSW Health has ceased using the company that installed the gas lines involved.Key points:Engineer involved in commissioning gas line at hospital stood downNSW Health stops using gas line companyO Read More

  • New Invention of Gas outlet improved the gas transmition efficiency


    CM gas out let knows that gas outlet reliability is crucial to ensuring medical gas is consistently provided to patients. In high use areas of the hospital like emergency, and even in standard patient rooms, wires and setup items are often draped over flowmeters and vacuum regulators, potentially e Read More



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